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This 4 month update thing seems to be the theme right now... Oh well, summer vacation is coming up, which means lots of free time when I'm not getting married...or moving...or working the TV staff at the National Order of the Arrow Conference... Crap.

Anyway, Chris's dad. I realized that Spoofy Randomness suffers from the same fate as many comics involving high school or college students: the lack of any adults whatsoever. This is one reason why EGS is particularly interesting; there are adults often actively involved. I've had a few, Sheriff Whitebucket and Thomas Gabriel, and the presence of Nikki's parents are implied (and probably tactfully left when Percy came; they're considerate like that), but if there was such an injury one would think that the parents would be a little more active, hence the presence of Mr. Raefish. His designed is heavily based off of his son (just look at the tufts of hair, the eyes, and the nose). In Panel 2, however, he unintentionally wound up with an enlarged chin that makes me think of the main character in American Dad. I think it makes him look important, so I attempted to run with this in Panel 4, but it didn't quite have the same result.

Also, start your bets on how often I'll forget to draw Chris's cast. If you recall when I had to draw one before, I often forgot it and had to add it in during editing.

Finally, I have a blog now! I'm told that's the cool thing to do nowadays. What's that? My source is from 5 years ago? Well, nuts. Anyway, you can find A Tale of a Long Fellow here, and it has been updating more frequently than this comic does!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~

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