by Stretch Longfellow

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And welcome to "I'm Dreaming of a Whitebucket Christmas"! ...Wait, something doesn't look right here. There's no title, the art seems all off, and that hardly looks like Nikki! What is this madness?

This madness is unfortunately the first Spoofy Randomness filler (and hopefully the last for some time). For the splash page, I required use of materials, particularly my scanner, that were left in my dorm while I went home for Thanksgiving. This was a good plan in my eyes; I managed to get some inking done at home, and editing on the computer takes less time so I can focus on the madness of Dead Week more, and I could get the splash page done on Sunday when I returned to my dorm. ...Then I got sick. Not only did that shoot down my productivity on the comic, but it also meant I got no homework done over the break. Thus, no comic for today.

So what is this filler, anyway? I made this comic last winter, when I was just making one-shot comics with Microsoft Paint. Obviously, I hadn't defined some aspects of my characters yet.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~

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